Debunking Influencer Marketing Ranks

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of modern marketing strategy, as it allows brands to reach a specific target audience through people they trust and follow. Today, anybody can be a Social Influencer thanks to rise of social media as most of us are already building an online audience. The difference however is in […]

8 Problems Marketers Face

Marketing is the core of every business for several reasons: it introduces your products and services to potential customers, helps your company grow, and enables you to conquer new markets. Technological developments and the rise of social media have revolutionized marketing, giving marketers limitless opportunities. However, with these changes come accompanying challenges that every marketer […]

How well do you really know your customers?

In the business world, most businesses will happily receive money from their customers without much of an incline into the background of who the person they are doing business with is. But if there is an industry that will seek to ‘dress you down’ before accepting your money, it is the banking industry. Having worked […]

Social Strategy, when you get it right!

Social media in Kenya is very fascinating. We have brilliant minds when it comes to our social astuteness. If you do not believe me, ask Nigerians about Kenyans on Twitter a.k.a KOT. The world knows not to mess with Kenyans on social media. We get into it with the might of a rampaging elephant. What […]

The color of love

I was at the supermarket this past weekend and I noticed a little red corner stacked with nice looking goodies. Everything in this corner was either red or white. And I don’t know if you have ever wondered why red is viewed as the color of love? Red signifies fire, danger, power, passion and sometimes […]

The Ying Yang of Gender Equality

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day (March 2022), the theme being ‘Break The Bias. This has been a very important topic for society that has dominated the airwaves for such a long time. Infact nowadays, everywhere you look, you will see a host of very accomplished and empowered women doing great things. And even […]

Influencer Marketing is on the Rise, Fact! But here’s what no one is Talking About

Customers hate advertising, that’s a fact! In a 2017 study by Ipsos Connect, 70% of consumers don’t trust advertising while 42% distrust brands. A shortcoming of traditional advertising is that buyers have, in the recent past, increasingly seen brands as part of the establishment and therefore ‘remote, unreachable, abstract and self-serving.’ Social media advertising has […]