Looking Forth to a Journey of Greatness

My start into defining my own personal brand began a little over a year ago. Personal Branding is not just for those looking to change jobs, it is also for those looking to remain visible within the organizations they works for.

Today, I realize that there is a gap with executives struggling to articulate their value in the workplace and industry. I am here to help deal with this dilemma.

I’m Alice and this is the Standout 4 Growth Promise.

Meet Alice

Bringing brands to life is what I love to do. I have over 15 years of experience leading strategic marketing initiatives in East Africa. As a Marketing & Communications Specialist, growing brands is what I do with a specific focus on developing markets.

Today, Personal Branding is a growing area of interest.

With over 15 years of experience growing corporate brands, I believe the same branding principles that have worked on businesses can also work on people.

Whether you like it or not, people are saying something about you…..question is – are you in control of what is being said?

“Let’s Talk. I always say, with time, anyone can be the President.”

Why it Matters

My personal realisation on the power of Personal Branding took years, but your journey can be shorter and the value you gain from my experience can only be greater.

“There is no better time than NOW!”

Personal branding is one of the best and greatest pillars of standing out.


  1. It allows you to be more visible when compared to your peers and colleagues.
  2. It elevates you to a thought leader and captain of your industry.
  3. It  allows your brand to represent you in places where you have no access to and with people who are yet to meet you.

The question is, do you have a brand that will speak for you even when you are not in the room? A brand that will get you to stand out from the crowd?

Take the first step into this journey of growth by exploring tools, resources and courses my team and I have curated for an achieving executive like you.

Swim on your Own Terms

If you are familiar with the blue ocean strategy, then you understand what it means to swim on your own terms.

Personal Branding allows you to nurture your brand all the way to your own ‘blue ocean’; the only zone where accelerated growth happens.

It’s time you bridged the gap between you and your personal brand.

This is my area of expertise; will you join me?


Ready To Standout?

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