Does your Brand have any Inconsistencies

Have you heard of the story of the lady who loved her make up so much that every time she needed to go somewhere incognito, all she had to do was walk without makeup? It is said that without it, she was unrecognizable. More like the videos I have been watching of late thanks to my newly found interest in getting myself some makeup.

I must confess that I have really come to pity the male species. Some of the transformation I see in the ladies is just amazing! Imagine taking a girl home in one face and waking up to a different face. This overnight transformation is likely to shock the daylights out of any sane person. I am guessing this is the reality today’s boy child must contend with as the girl child seeks to impress the world.

Such radical transformations are not unique to the dating world alone. They also show up in other day to day encounters. Like have you ever met an individual who seems to have different personalities in different settings? Dealing with such an individual becomes very difficult as you are not sure which personality you will be engaging with per scenario. This not only makes doing business with them difficult but the chances of creating a connection are highly reduced.

These inconsistencies, be it in the way we interact with others or in how we maintain our looks erode any level of trust that could develop between 2 parties. And such is the case with inconsistent Personal Brands.

Building an effective personal brand requires managing all the inconsistencies in any of the personal attributes that define an individual. This takes being intentional in how we approach all areas of our lives as nothing should be immune to being brand aligned.

What then should we do when we notice inconsistencies popping up?

As humans, it is natural to experience periods when we feel out of ‘the zone’. When this happens, we need to get behind these inconsistencies, fully dissect them and figure ways of re-aligning our personal brands back to the ideal picture.

To manage this, we need to:

  1. Understand the core motivation driving our actions – This means looking deep within for what we value and what drives us. What we are or feel on the inside is what projects to the outside world and when there is conflict masked from within, inconsistencies will show up. Should this happen, re-evaluate who you are and what you stand for, take the time to understand any underlying issues and find appropriate solutions.
  2. Not downplay our insecurities – Anytime we get uncomfortable with our weaknesses, we develop tactics to avoid the situation rather than deal with it head on. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge any insecurities that may be affecting you or causing you to lead inconsistent lifestyles.
  3. Avoid comparing yourself with others – Understand that everyone has their own journey. The quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” sums it up best. When we compare ourselves to others, we strive to live like the person we wish to emulate and in the end, the outcome results in feelings of inadequacy or self-resentment.

Ultimately, giving ourselves permission to understand our inconsistencies is the first step to getting to what within us needs to be analyzed and dealt with. Only when we fully embrace who we are, are self-confident in ourselves are we able to reinforce our authenticity and let go of any inconsistencies.

Just in case you are wondering if my quest for makeup is still on….Yes it is! So should you not recognize me the next time you meet me, perhaps I was just a poor student or maybe, I opted to give myself permission to be inconsistent.

This week, manage your inconsistencies and #standout4growth.

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