How beautiful is your landscape?

Create an environment that will benefit your personal brand

We all love a beautiful scenery. All the elements of nature ranging from the beautiful flowers, the lush green grass, the whistling trees, and the flowing streams of water come together to create a beautiful haven for the lovers of nature. I know of a friend who loves hanging out with nature so much that a weekend will not go by before a visit to nature’s best locations is actualized. Ask her about a recommendation on the restaurant down the road, and you will receive a blank stare, but any interest to hang out with nature, and you have her full attention. She believes the environment somehow resets her. To her, the beautiful landscape is soothing to mind, body, and soul.

For a piece landscape to reveal its beauty, it needs to have the different elements of the environment coming together as a synchronized silhouette. While there are many types of landscapes, The National Geographic defines a natural landscape as one made up of a collection of landforms, such as mountains, hills, plains, and plateaus, lakes, streams, soils (such as sand or clay), and natural vegetation.

Each of these elements has a different role to play in making the environment vibrant and Zen-like and depending on personal preferences, one will be drawn to an environment with elements that align to their natural predispositions. For example, some people will prefer the colorful nature of a flower field or a forest full of trees while others will enjoy the gushing noise from the riverbanks as water flows by. Personally, I love environments that combine a little bit of everything…. the water, the hills, the trees, the grass and even some rocks.

Human beings are much like the beautiful types of landscape. Some will behave like the beautiful trees serving up those around them with energy, others, like the treacherous mountains, distant and difficult to engage unless well prepped for; others will be like the rocks, unmoved and unfazed by the ongoing developments around them and others flowing through life like the streams of water. But just like a picturesque landscape combines the different elements of nature; we too need to work together understanding the unique value we each bring to the table for the betterment of our society, .

What then determines your landscape when it comes to defining your Personal Brand?

Very few people live in isolation and thrive. The different audiences we interact with determines our environment and the awareness we have of ourselves, our customers, and our business environment shapes our Personal Brand. The greater the self-awareness, the stronger the relationships we will have with those around us.

To fully grasp the depth of our personal environment, we must engage our awareness levels in the following fronts:

  1. Awareness of Self: Determining what surrounds you is crucial as it can either influence you positively or negatively. More importantly however, is determining where YOU want to fit in the grand scheme of things. When you look at the industry in which you play in, where do you see yourself thriving best and do you have the expertise to match this vision? And if not, what can you start doing today to fill those gaps?
  2. Awareness of Peers: Your peers are people in your industry that you admire and, in some cases, will compete with for business. It’s natural to identify with industry peers as they probably possess something you admire and want to achieve as a brand; be it the experience gained, the solutions they offer, customers served or perhaps their level of expertise. Understanding who your peers are and what they are offering is crucial to being able to offer something with a difference.
  3. Awareness of Target Audience: You exist to serve your target audience. Without an awareness of who your audience is, the long-term survival of your brand is threatened. And while the context of your audience will vary depending on whether you are in employment (boss / colleagues) or in business (customers), understanding your target audience as intimately as possible is the key to accelerated growth.

For your personal brand to become the mighty oak, you must give yourself space and time necessary to self-reflect around each of the above perspectives as they form part of the environment.

Remember, your environment fuels your ambitions.

Create a beautiful environment that will benefit your personal brand and #standout4growth.

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