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Do you want to build a reputable, influential, and profitable personal brand as an expert or thought leader? Then, you need to sign up for the Ultimate Personal Branding Blueprint.

Dear phenomenal professional...

I can see that you are purpose-driven and ambitious.You shine at what you do and you desire to impact the world at large but you lack the influence to make that happen.You've tried to position your brand powerfully to no avail because you struggle with clarity on how to do that.Perhaps, you're like me 12 months ago, naive, scared, and almost crippled by disappointment and stagnation.I couldn't fully grasp the level of depth that I embody until I encountered a level of knowledge that replaced all these with boldness.This level of knowledge filled me with guts, strength, and charisma with which I built this powerful structure as a professional.I invite you to explore my 1:1 or group coaching session to see what we can do with your brand.

Here is why you should start building your personal brand now.

70% of clients make their decision based on what they see when they search your profile on Google.
90% of global opportunities come through proper visibility online.In this course, you'll get the straight-to-the-point and experience a carefully curated blueprint to position you as the expert without faking it.

Here is the breakdown of the framework of THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL BRANDING Coaching Program course
This is the foundation of your Personal Brand. We go deep inside to uncover our vision, mission and purpose. 
To go far, you need to have total self-awareness. How well does the perception you have of yourself align with what others see in you?
Now that you have a clearer understanding of who you are, we seek to answer the question; “What needs to be addressed to get me to where I need to be?”
Visibility is not just built socially, what social proofs do we need to have to make sure we are building a future proof personal brand?
Here we get into it. What do you need to do to build a magnetic profile? Time to get practical and move from selling value to being the value.
Implement your visibility strategy and move you from being just a resident expert, to being THE Industry Expert.

Apart from the course content, here are some of the bonuses you will enjoy:

  • Complimentary Access to the 360Reach Peer Feedback Survey to help you seek from as many people as you would like.
  • Access to curated toolkits to help you in your introspection journey
    • Vision & Values Toolkit
    • Self Assessment Toolkit
    • Skills Audit Toolkit
  • Access to well-designed CANVA Templates to help you design your LinkedIn banner with ease
  • Your personalized action plan to get you started on being Social.
  • An option to submit your article for publishing in renowned partner blog sites to get you started on your thought leadership journey. (Submit your article within 30 days of completing the course)

This is for you if:

  • You are looking to be an Industry Leader in your field.
  • You don’t know what your brand positioning is and would like to develop a clear value proposition for your brand.
  • You would like to establish your expertise in a chosen niche.
  • You are struggling with visibility and feel struck in your role / career.

This is the opportunity you’ve been praying for.
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Group Coaching Session


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3rd June 2024
Runs for a period of 6 weeks

1:1 coaching session


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