Mind your perspective

My birthday is around the corner and one the thing I remember feeling about having my birthday in this season is that it was a SCAM! As a child, it always felt like no one, other than family of course, seemed to remember that Christmas Day was also my day, not just the day Christ was born. I was jealous of the fact that I would never get to have my friends celebrate or experience me being the center of attention at least for one day in a year. The nerve I must have had thinking I could compete with Christ himself! “Would Christ just for once take a break and allow Christmas to be mine?” I always thought!

What is interesting about this is that as I was going through these emotions, my cousin on the other hand was jealous of my scenario. Her birthday always fell during the school calendar and here, celebrations would be limited to her family household only. To her, she felt the world always celebrated me more as we would always gather as the extended family for a Christmas meal together.

What an ironic view! Same situation, different perspectives.

The true impact of any situation is felt when you get to analyze the same situation from a different perspective. I never really got to appreciate the attention and family bonding that others envied because of the perspective I held; and I only got to appreciate the beauty of the season when a different perspective was pointed out to me.

Our perspectives are shaped by our experiences and depend on the view in which we see the world around us. Consider this very common image of two (2) gentlemen who are viewing the number 9 / 6 from two different angles. These 2 individuals could argue till Christ comes down about how right they each are, and they would both be right.

Being able to fully appreciate a situation for what it is without judgement, leads to an appreciation of the different perspectives that exist.

How then can you influence your perspective in any situation?

  1. Mind your attitude: The quote “When your attitude is right, the facts don’t matter” by Kevin Trudeau sums up the power of maintaining a positive attitude in all circumstances. Having a good attitude infuses hope and hope will always look for the different possibilities out of any given situation even when things are not going as expected.
  2. Appreciate differences: Can you imagine how boring life would be if we all saw life from the same viewpoint. There would be nothing to look forward to. The color in the world is what give us the beauty we admire; thus, the differences we see give us an opportunity to learn from others. And in learning, we grow.
  3. Ask the right questions – Asking question is good but asking the right questions with the intention of seeking feedback will give insights. A lot of us are not ready for the feedback we get when we ask questions, especially if the answers are not aligned to what we want to hear. Open yourself up to receiving feedback from others and you will be surprised what you will uncover about yourself or a situation.
  4. Eliminate the biases – Biases influence our decisions and how we see the world in general. Sometimes, these biases may be unconscious or within. Take the proactive step to understand what hidden biases may be influencing our perspectives and maintain an open mind around situations.

Appreciating different perspectives is good for our learning and growth. So, the next time you are faced with a situation, look at it holistically, and try to understand it from different perspectives. You could find something from of the situation that you had initially overlooked or perhaps thought you despised.

As you evaluate yourself, appreciate the fact that what others see in you may not be aligned with what you see in yourself. Aligning these differing views will go along in to streamlining your Personal Brand. Are you wondering what people think about you? Sign up for the 360Reach Personal Brand Survey and get the real scoop about the brand called YOU!

As for me, as we prepare for the Christmas break, I will take the time to appreciate this holiday and all the fanfare it brings. I will offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for my life and my experiences to date

And for you, remember that while your situation may appear pepperish to you, it may be golden to others.

So. Mind your perspective and #standout4growth.

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