The Metrics of Personal Branding Success

Personal Branding Metrics

Do you have that one child who does not seem to settle on one thing? Today, you are on games, tomorrow, dance, the next day music, and so on. This is the story of my friend’s daughter (and my daughter too, if I am to be honest). Every other month, they will come up with a new activity that they ‘passionate’ about and would like the parents to pay for. Most times, these passions are driven by their fear of missing out on what their friends are doing at the time.

I have a feeling many of us are in this boat with their children. As we discussed this dilemma with my friend, we came to one realization: we had not set a clear agenda for every ‘passing passion’ the kids wanted to engage in; one that was devoid of their friend’s influences. Maybe, just maybe this would have helped the young minds stick it out even when the routine of things got to them.

Peter Drucker, famously known for his words “Whatever does not get measured, does not get done,” reminds us that we must have some sort of metrics that guide the achievement of our goals for us to know if we are on the right track. This is true of anything in life, no matter how small or mundane.

It is true not just for our children, but for our Personal Branding journey as well. Understanding how to measure your success and identifying relevant personal branding KPIs is critical to your success as an executive. Keep in mind however, that your journey is personal, and your success indicators will vary depending on your specific goals and industry.

What then are some of the common KPI’s you can look out for as you grow your personal brand?

  1. The Growth of Your Online Following: Keep track of the number of followers across your social media platforms, website, and other digital channels. Increasing your online following signifies a growing interest in your personal brand and offers a wider reach for your message. Quality followers who engage with your content are especially valuable, as they contribute to your brand’s credibility and influence.
  2. The Engagement Metrics on Your Profile: Look beyond follower count and focus on engagement metrics, such as mentions, comments, shares, and click-through rates. High engagement indicates that your audience finds value in your content and is actively participating in discussions, forming a deeper connection with your personal brand.
  3. The Consistency of Your Content: Consistency is key in personal branding. Monitor how frequently you share content, whether it’s blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media updates. Your consistency should build as you grow. Having a consistent posting schedule helps you stay top-of-mind with your audience and reinforces your expertise and credibility over time.
  4. Speaking Engagements and Thought Leadership Opportunities Presented: Track the number and quality of speaking engagements, invitations to industry events, and opportunities to showcase your expertise. Securing thought leadership opportunities establishes you as a respected authority in your field, further enhancing your personal brand and opening doors for career advancement.
  5. Number of new business opportunities coming your way: As you grow and nurture your personal brand, your skills and experiences will start to get noticed and soon enough, business will start coming your way. By monitoring new business opportunities that arise through your personal branding efforts, you gain insights into the tangible benefits your brand brings to your professional career.

As you grow however, don’t get discouraged by the 0-few likes you receive on your posts. There are very many consumers of content out there who see what you are doing but don’t engage with it.

Just remember that there is no one right or wrong way of building your Personal Brand. The underlying and most important factor is understanding your audience’s desire and creating high-quality and valuable content consistently to build authentic engagement.

By understanding which metrics matter most to your personal brand, you can set clear benchmarks for success, stay on track towards achieving your goals, and standout4growth.

Ps: My friend and I are thinking of starting a self-help WhatsApp group for younglings with passing passions. Are you with us?

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