Social Strategy, when you get it right!

Social media in Kenya is very fascinating. We have brilliant minds when it comes to our social astuteness. If you do not believe me, ask Nigerians about Kenyans on Twitter a.k.a KOT. The world knows not to mess with Kenyans on social media. We get into it with the might of a rampaging elephant.

What makes social media fun is the content that is generated to bring in the so-called buzz that brands will always look for. All over the internet, we read a lot about the requirements to a great social media strategy. These form a basis with which to lay the foundation; but the person behind the machine, to me is what matter most.

I am currently fascinated by one brand that’s doing a pretty good job. Hats off to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The team behind their social media has taken something as mundane as tax and created an insightful awareness about the effects of tax evasion, with humor to boot. Communication is all about eliciting emotion and action from your audience and, I must admit, I am now a KRA enthusiast or at least a little warmed up to the taxman. I almost want to join in on the cause of fighting against the tax evaders. If you live in Kenya, you probably have seen the advice that you now have to align your online and offline activities lest Big Brother catches up with you.

Away from the big brands, I recently read about a social media strategist who was able to get his partner to share a well-crafted sham appeal on one of the social media platforms with accompanying photos, videos, the whole shebang. Believe it or not, it garnered so much public sympathy that they even got donations. Their strategy worked like magic. It is rumored that the couple is now buying a new car courtesy of the generous donations from the public. This story conflicts me greatly. As a marketer, I want to appreciate the brilliance of this young man, but at the same time, I am left wondering, would I want such a person behind my brand?

I want to imagine that this is a person can do great things for a brand if channeled right.

As you craft your social media strategy, I want to ask; Do you have the right team to drive your brand’s virality? To the machinery behind the brand, what are the guiding principles that define you as a person and in turn the brand that you represent?

As for me, I am off to policing my pals whose lifestyles are not aligned!

Vitu kwa ground ni……

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