Are you addicted to your weaknesses?

Those who have known me for much longer know my sense of fashion is somewhat horrifying. Infact, many are the times when my family members have accessorized me at functions as they thought my choice of outfits needed some spark (or as the young ones would say, ‘haijatosha unga’).

Things started to change when I met a skilled tailor who mastered my taste perfectly. Over the years, she has managed to slowly convert my love for dark colors by adding hints of bright colors to finally having me operate as walking rainbow. She has not only tailored outfits for my day-to-day office wear, but I can confidently say that I have also been able to standout at key family functions. Thanks to her, the microscopic scrutiny and deluge of fashion police remarks in my family are slowly easing up.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have seamless experiences with their tailors. As our relationship grew, I am guessing some familiarity came into play. Her initial consistency in keeping her delivery promises started to dwindle. Of late, some outfits that I have given her for resizing have come back way after I have added just a few inches around the waistline and believe it or not, I believe I have even grown much taller from her last visit.

As a longtime client, I have learnt not to have expectations. While the wait and follow up calls can somewhat be disturbing, I am grateful not to have had any major wardrobe or function hiccups to date. Some might say I have embraced her weaknesses just as much as she has.

In personal branding, we must assess our strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. My tailor has a brilliant hand, great style but unfortunately has the worst customer and time management skills.

For us to grow as individuals who want to make an impact, it is important for each one of us to conduct a self-evaluation of our own capabilities. A process that looks at studying our strengths and weaknesses in detail to know and develop relevant course of action.

To minimize any negative effects on our personal or professional brands, we must evaluate our areas of weakness and find ways to deal with them promptly. While it is easy for one to focus their time and energy on their superpowers, very few people really want to deal with their weaknesses. Infact, there are those who love to use their identified areas of weakness as a bag of excuses that can be dished out when things don’t seem to go their way. I am sure you have met people who are happy to carry what they don’t have or can’t do with a badge of honor.

To effectively grow your personal brand, you need NOT dwell on your weaknesses, but you must act. Weaknesses have the potential to set you back if you do not deal with them. So, if you must learn a new skill to improve yourself, then do so…..if you must delegate a task that you believe saps all the energy from you when doing it, then by all means, delegate.

My tailor probably needs to learn to delegate more. Instead of her planning trips to deliver outfits to her every client, she could easily hire a rider who can take this responsibility of her shoulder. As for me and my fashion sense, I have committed some time with some fashionistas for some hair, makeup and fashion tips and tricks.

Take some time to identify your weaknesses and develop an action plan. Only when you know your strengths and fully embrace and own your weaknesses will you focus your time and energy accordingly. Do you know what you do best? Do you know where you need help?

Take responsibility for your weaknesses today and #Standout4Growth.

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