From Price Wars to Value Wars

In the dynamic landscape of business, cheap means war, and in a war, nobody wins. While competing on price might seem like a short-term victory for businesses and customers alike, businesses that solely focus on this strategy often find themselves in a precarious position. In the long run, unsustainable price competitiveness can lead to closure, […]

Thriving Without Personal Branding

Are you on the Red Pill side or the Blue Pill side? These are terms I recently came across, representing two mindsets that I’ve been reflecting on. Those who take the red pill are open to exploring the opportunities the world offers, such as AI, sustainability, and yes, personal branding while those who opt for […]

Alice Ngatia September 12, 2023 No Comments

What have you earned the credibility to talk about?

I came across a television advertisement the other day that really caught my attention. The advertisement was from a company with some pieces of land for sale; what my local tribesmen would call ‘buroti maguta maguta’ to imply prime land on sale! The advert made a very bold statement about the company’s way of operation […]