Who are you Listening to? Choose the Right Expert

Have you ever taken a step back to question your own sanity? Wondering why you ever put your trust in a particular individual in the first place? Well, that’s a situation I found myself in not too long ago.

I was preparing to make a significant purchase, and knowing the potential pitfalls of navigating unfamiliar territory, I decided to seek the guidance of an “expert.” During the research phase of the purchase process, I noticed that the so-called expert sprinkled our conversations with what I could only describe as industry jargon, perhaps in an attempt to appear more knowledgeable and impressive in my eyes, as their client.

I was genuinely impressed by their apparent mastery of the industry and their willingness to share the little insights they gathered from our research. I had every reason to believe that I had made the right decision, thanks to the expert who had been by my side throughout this journey. And eventually, money changed hands.

It’s amazing how things can appear perfectly fine one minute and very problematic the next. It’s like the gods were waiting for the popping champagne to unveil all the challenges the item had. Hardly 2 days in, I quickly discovered that numerous aspects were not quite as they should be, leaving me in a state of anger, disgust, and a lot of indescribable emotions.

It was while I was having an irate conversation, venting about my predicament to my friend that I was led to a different expert. And the moment I engaged this new expert, I sensed a wholly different level of understanding. With just one look at the item, they were able to accurately diagnose much of what was problematic, without the need for specialized equipment or external validation from their peers. In that instant, I knew I had made the wrong choice in my selection of the initial expert.

This type of experience is all too common. We often seek advice from the wrong kind of experts when making important decisions. And in a world filled with self-proclaimed internet gurus, it’s easy to become lost in the noise.

However, there is a way to avoid these pitfalls. The first and most important being the need to simply invest time in finding the right expert to guide you through the solutions you seek. Sometimes, however, this may not be hard to achieve.

From my experience, here are some lessons to ensure you stay ahead, regardless of what kind of “expert” your find yourself paired with:

  1. Conduct due diligence on the “expert”: Take the time to understand how the expert manages their craft. Conducting due diligence on an expert involves a comprehensive assessment of their qualifications, certifications, and reputation to determine whether they are the right fit for your needs and whether you can trust them to guide you effectively.
  2. Evaluate their track record: It’s easy to get carried away by well-packaged stories without asking for evidence. If you’re paying for a service, you owe it to yourself to scrutinize the expert’s past work. Then, you can make an informed judgment about their competence.
  3. Trust the expert, but expand your own knowledge: The expert should not be your sole source of truth. Accumulate your own knowledge and use the expert’s guidance as a point of validation.
  4. Trust your instincts: Most times, we ignore that gut feeling, but that nagging “what if” sensation could be a sign that you need to pause and reevaluate your actions. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from those who’ve had similar experiences or consider seeking a second opinion from another expert in the same field.

Take a moment to reflect: Are you wondering if you’ve been trusting the right kind of expert?

Today, the topic of personal branding is hotter than ever, with everyone eager to share advice on how to get started on this journey. But not all advice is suitable for you. You must find the right kind of expert who can not only teach you what is best for you, but one that also aligns with your expectations from the onset.

Take the time to find the right kind of expert to lead you through your journey and #standout4growth.

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