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Easy Ways to Appreciate Different Perspectives

Nowadays there is a day to celebrate anything and everything. Like did you know that May 2 was Brothers and Sisters Day? Yep! We have a day to cherish our siblings. An appropriate day considering most of us are wired to fight with our siblings rather than appreciate their presence. Parents in the house understand the […]

Habits that Drive Success

It is said that great success required a routine to manifest. I have been struggling to build a routine for a while now….a morning routine to be very specific. It is only after I consulted my close confidante about my struggles that I gave myself the permission to call it quits and work with what […]

From Price Wars to Value Wars

In the dynamic landscape of business, cheap means war, and in a war, nobody wins. While competing on price might seem like a short-term victory for businesses and customers alike, businesses that solely focus on this strategy often find themselves in a precarious position. In the long run, unsustainable price competitiveness can lead to closure, […]

Alice Ngatia December 27, 2023 1 Comment

Navigating the Straws of Life

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the age-old wisdom embodied in the saying ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.‘ It’s fascinating how often we casually use this phrase without fully grasping its intended meaning. In times of challenge, the apparent trigger for a problem may seem deceptively trivial to external observers, who might dismiss it […]

Finding Your Voice on LinkedIn

This week, we interrupt your normal story bulleting to answer a question I get asked a lot. Question: “I am struggling to find my voice on LinkedIn. I do not know where I end, and where my employer starts. I just do not know what to post.” Answer: In response to this common dilemma, let […]